Loading & Unloading Skid

Loading Skid

Autocontrol Process Instrumentation (API) is a leading global supplier of tanker truck Loading skid systems. API provides packaged solutions for tanker truck loading for all petroleum, hydrocarbons, chemicals, and other fluids. Our tanker truck loading skids are engineered with safety and accuracy in mind and will meet all OSHA, government and industry standards such as API, AWS, ASME, NEC, and UL.
We also offer our clients fully designed truck-unloading skid systems and terminal controls, as well as offer installation and on-site start up commissioning assistance. All of our systems are fully tested at our manufacturing facility and must pass Autocontrol process Instrumentation (API) QA standards and certification before shipment to client.
Truck Loading-Offloading Skid Applications:
• LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
• Sulfuric Acid
• Crude Oil
• LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
• Diesel
• Aviation and Jet Fuels
• High-Concentrate Hydrogen Peroxide
Truck Loading-Offloading Skids Industry Standards:
• Pipe fabrication to ASME Section IX standards
• Structural steel designed to AWS standards
• Pressure Vessel Fabrication to Section VIII Standards

Unloading Skid

With the need to transfer bulk product from tanker truck to a storage tank and transferring the product to intermediate tank, requirement of safe unloading package & pumping package arises. To ensure the reliable and safe tanker truck unloading and pumping for Oil & Gas and Power Generation companies, Woodfield provides its Unloading and Pump Skid solutions using centrifugal pump meeting API 608 standard’s requirements.
These pump skid solutions are custom made unloading, pumping packages and are designed based on end user’s unloading capacity requirement, process condition, configuration, service, type of pumps etc. Autocontrol Process Instrumentation (API) Unloading pump skids consists of mainly Pumps with motor, strainers, unloading arm/hose, flow meter, re-circulation line valve, relief valves and other associated valves, piping, electrical and structural steel material. We offer the pump motor, meeting client end user local statutory requirement for hazardous ares certifications like IEC / Atex / NEMA.