Chemical Injection Skid package

Chemical Injection Skids (CIS) is an integrated system used to dose and inject various chemicals into different pipelines at various conditions. In the Oil and Gas industry this helps to increase production, reduce corrosion and to improve the process. High level of accuracy is required for dosing system because of the environmental and financial reasons. Based on the flow/pressure requirements and various chemicals used, the metallurgy and the design of the skid changes.
It is basically composed by different components such as, Chemical Injection Pumps, Chemical Storage Tanks, Safety Valves, Isolation Valves, Instruments, Piping & Structural frames

Advantages for build a chemical dosing skid:

• Saves space on plant floor especially when wall mounted
• Modular design can be deployed quickly (plug and play)
• Less expensive than having contractor run piping and instruments
• Much better site housekeeping than pumps mounted on barrels