HIPPS Package

HIPPS is the acronym for High Integrity Pressure Protection System. The main function of HIPPS is an independently instrumented system whose function is to protect an installation from the overpressure produced in the pressure rate of the same, isolating the low pressure part from it.
The idea of HIPPS is to used instead of traditional safety system such as relief devices with four main advantages:
• Environment protection: relief systems release the service fluid to the atmosphere which while HIPPS avoid fluid to be release out the system keeping the environment free of emissions.
• HIPPS have to be safety level equal or higher then the traditional relief methods; calculated safety levels shown the HIPPS to be ten times more reliable the traditional methods.
• Creating a frontier between two parts of the installation allows the downstream part of the valves of the HIPPS to have lower pressure and therefore, to reduce the cost of pipes and related pressure equipments installed on that part.
Autocontrol Process Instrumentation (API) HIPPS system is supplied with three Pressure transmitters that monitor the pressure in the line and provide the information to the next element. API also have strong experience and provide Logic solver which is the device in charge of processing the signals received from pressure transmitters and it is configured to send the signal to operate the actuated valves, when the received input is above the pre-configured pressure valve.