Metering Skid

Autocontrol Americas Inc. Offers metering skid for Liquid & Gas measuring based on customer requirements where fiscal metering / custody transfer solution are pre-assembled on a steel structure required additional calibration options (proving system) shall be included in skid compliance with OIML & API standards.
During custody transfer, accuracy is of great importance to both the company delivering the material and the eventual recipient, when transferring a material Hydrocarbons.
CTM – Custody Transfer Meter is defined as a meter designed, installed, and operated to meet the requirements for custody transfer as per standard measurement.
Custody transfer requires an entire metering system that is designed and engineered for measuring the product application, not just flow meters.
The custody transfer metering skid is an integrated piping system supported on a structural base. It accommodates all primary measurement instruments including the flow meters, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and the MOV’s, Provers, switcher straight length.
Flow profiler, piping and structural design, fabrication and testing shall be in line with project specifications and applicable codes and standards keeping in view the functional requirements.
The metering cabinets are located in the control room in a safe area. The panel houses the flow computers, station computers, GC controllers, PLC, HMI and Ethernet switches with interface to DCS. All flow and energy calculations are done by the flow computers which collect data of various signals from skids and analyzer house. The station computers compile the station values and generate reports.