Autocontrol Technologies s.r.l. was established in 1994, in order to offer fresh solutions in the on-line instrumentation, process measurements and control automation fields, assisting the customer from design to installation with complete turn-key services. The company’s core business areas are engineering, construction and installation of high technology process instruments for the oil, petrochemical, chemical and power industries.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ATEX notified for applications in hazardous areas.

Autocontrol Technologies is organized in five main divisions.

  1. Automatic Sampling Systems for Crude Oil Custody Transfer
  2. System Integration (AH, ALC, SCS, SRS, etc.)
  3. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning units
  4. Process Control System Integration
  5. Process Instrumentation

Autocontrol Technologies S.r.l. decided to expand the Process Instrumentation division due to the increasing requirements of its clients but in order to better focus and serve a very specific, highly technical and competitive market, it and has established Autocontrol Process Instrumentation s.r.l. in Italy as a separate entity in the year 2015 in order to serve the parent company and various other OEMs.  However the Management decided to launch the fully tested products to serve the market from this year. In order to meet the needs of continuously growing markets, it also formed JVs’ in India & U.A.E. under the name Autocontrol Process Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. & Autocontrol Process Instrumentation FZC respectively in 2017. The factories are situated in Rabale, INDIA and Sharjah, U.A.E.

The core business activities of Autocontrol Process Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. is focused in Sensing technologies, Measuring instruments, Controlling equipment, Automation systems and all related Accessories. This will consists of manufacturing and selling of products such as Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Level Gauges (Transparent, Reflex, Magnetic, etc.), RTDs & Thermocouples, Thermowells, Valves, Manifolds, Tube fittings, Threaded Pipe fittings, Gauge Accessories, Flow elements (Orifice Plates, Carrier Flange Assemblies, etc.), Rotameters, Flow Meters & Gas Detectors.

Autocontrol follws the below objectives:

  • To SENSE your requirements through our ability to understand, recognize, value and react accordingly.
  • To MEASURE and judge the quality, effect and importance of your application.
  • To CONTROL your need by limiting and containing the risk factors.
  • To AUTOMATE making things easier and simpler by letting the machines do the work while the people do the thinking.


The in-house manufacturing capabilities include VMC with bed size 450 mm, CNC with 650 mm Turning Length, Conventional lathes with 6 foot bed, fully automatic band saw cutting machine with 300 mm cutting diameter, etc. We are equipped with Pressure calibration up to 1600 bar and Temperature calibration up to 600°C. We are also equipped with facilities for vacuumized diaphragm filling & error calculation and Laser marking facilities.

The Process Instrumentation division also offers services such as Diaphragm Seal filling for the transmitters, Machining of OEM parts (design & manufacturing), Private Labeling, Laser Marking, Machining Job works, Welding Job works and die-making. Autocontrol Process Instrumentation also welcomes all types of customization in its product range. To serve our worldwide customers in various other products, Autocontrol Process Instrumentation has developed a highly skilled team of sourcing engineers; and together with its quality suppliers we serve customers in a numerous products.

Quality is, and always will be, the prime concern for Autocontrol Process Instrumentation, and hence all our facilities are practicing ISO 9001:2015 since its inception and going to be audited for certification soon. The Product Certifications such as IP, CE, ATEX are in progress and under completion and soon will be added to our product portfolio.

We are strongly focused on the following areas:
Oil & Gas Sectors, Chemical & Petro-chemical, Water & Waste water, Power & Steel, Non-ferrous manufacturing, Agriculture & Fertilizers, HVAC, Industrial Gases, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology and OEM industries. In addition to this we intend to serve all type of OEM activities as previously described.

Whatever you need, we can…sense it …measure it …control it and if necessary…..automate it.


We prefer to be always closer to our customer and associate with them. The close we are the more we learn and the better we serve. And with the best possible market presence, we believe the result is the product of personal discussions and collaborations. For us all customer requirements are equal, and we ensure no stone is left unturned for the solution.


Quality is a trademark in Autocontrol. THe first question si always the same: if we wouldn't buy it why should our client buy it? Every sale and installation is ... a new partnership and a future reference. Caution, care and characteristics of the products and solutions are take care by us in an extreme and precise way the the customer satisfaction is ensured once the receive and use them.


Our principle is to be the first ro reach the customer. It is better to foresee the problem better than to fix the problem. The better we understand, the better we can serve your need and together we can set the trend for future solutions and innovations. We understand the customer needs and by solving them produce the best solutions which will be a market trend for our future business.